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June 19, 2009

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Jenny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jenny
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: English Spot mix
Home: Saskatchewan, Canada
   After I lost my last bunny, Kari, I started staking out my local shelters website for a bunny that caught my eye. As soon as "Petra" was added to the website, I was in love. I could not go and adopt her right then because I needed hay, and we were undergoing a shortage in my area so we could not find anything but Alfalfa (which is no good for adult bunnies). Every day I was checking the website and watching all kinds of other bunnies come in and get adopted all around her. After a full month, my mom stopped by the shelter and she met Petra. She fell instantly in love, and after picking me up, she could not stop talking about how wonderful this little bunny was. We could not handle it longer, we went to the pet store, bought some crazily priced tiny bag of hay, and went to the shelter as soon as we possibly could the following day, and took "Petra" home. I had been planning to keep the name Petra, but when I met her, it just didn't fit. She was such a soft bunny, and the name "Petra" just sounded too harsh to suit her ... and there came the name "Jenny" - it was nice and soft sounding, and it just "fit."

    Jenny is a great bunny, she is super active and curious. After some time looking at the baby gate in front of the stairs, she got real curious and leaped right over it! She runs all over my house, up the stairs, down the stairs, she loves bouncing up and down the couch, and often drives the dogs crazy by weaving between their feet when they walk, and using them as a jump when they lay down! She has obviously declared herself at home here!

Jenny, the Pet of the Day

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