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June 10, 2009

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Juliet, the Pet of the Day
Name: Juliet
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Dwarf Hamster
Home: Kansas, USA
   I got Juliet on Easter after a funeral for my previous hamster, Roxy. After arriving at the pet store with my parents, I saw a small white spot in the Fancy Dwarf Hamster cage. I waited for it to move before looking at anything else. Believe me, she looked like one of those little flavored slat-licks that I've heard hamsters like so much. She moved and I was reassured that, yes, she was indeed a hamster. I looked at a few more while the assistant we were waiting for helped a family with a humongous teddy bear hamster; including a vicious albino dwarf with a tendency to climb the cage bars in his secluded little adoption tank.

    Our help finally came in the form of another employee with a set of keys. My dad had to hold Juliet because the woman who was supposed to assist us was scared of rodents. Juliet was perfect. She didn't bite like Roxy had and she let us pet her with no protest. I never had a second thought of looking for another one.

    Juliet is not albino, though she has red eyes. The purplish grey on her fur qualifies her as a 'red-eyed lilac' color. I looked it up on Google (at the time it was on the tenth page, last one down), and I'm pretty sure I can rely on that information.

    Juliet now hangs out in a plastic habitat in my living room. She loves paper towels and carries them around like blankets until she decides to rip them to shreds and make a bed. She has only really bitten someone once, though she does lovingly nibble from time to time, and is the sweetest little hamster ever. Even my mom, who was afraid of Roxy, pets Juliet. Sure, she's lazy, but she's my little puff-ball and that's all that matters.

Juliet, the Pet of the Day

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