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July 28, 2009

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Jojo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jojo
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Toulouse Goose
Home: Kansas, USA
   My goose JoJo was raised by us, and he has lived here ever since he was a little fuzzy gosling. He is a Toulouse (that's a type of goose). He grew up to be the big, handsome gander you see now, and he's only five months old! JoJo has a tendency to be grouchy, sometimes he likes to peck you for no reason. I think he just decides to remind us who the boss of the yard is - that's his job. We didn't assign it to him, he just took the role upon himself. He can also be quite loud if he thinks we need warning about something. JoJo is a good boy, though. JoJo is a good goose, and deserves to have his day of fame.

    JoJo was our very first goose. He is very territorial and loud. We got JoJo at first to show in the county fair but he soon became the family pet. If you say "here, goose goose" or "here JoJo" he will look up at you and honk. He doesn't know any tricks unless you consider chasing people and other animals around the yard a trick. He only does that if you egg him on or try to steal his food. JoJo goes everywhere with us, one time he followed us from our house around about a mile and back. He is very curious and likes to try new things. We love JoJo!!!

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