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July 20, 2009

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Chauncey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chauncey
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: White Mosaic Chinchilla
Home: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
   Chauncey is special because she is the friendliest chinchilla. When we open the cage doors, she will nibble us on the nose and beg for treats.

    Chauncey is incredibly affectionate and sweet. As chinchillas are prey animals, that personality trait is not always easy to find. They are naturally skittish animals, and their trust has to be earned. She will sit on my shoulder while I watch TV. In fact, each night we watch a movie in the living room, and she watches from a shelf in her cage. It's quite amusing when she grabs some hay and eats it while watching the movie with us.

    It's not all that easy to bond one chinchilla to another, but she gets along with our other nine chinchillas. She is very mothering. When another chinchilla gave birth, she sat right by her side and nuzzled her nose every few minutes.

    She actually can do a trick: she can balance herself in the palm of my hand while curled in a ball. That is another great thing about Chauncey; she is incredibly patient.

    As for treats, Chauncey loves willow balls, apple twigs, rolled oats, and rose hips. There is nothing more amusing than watching her debark a piece of wood!

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