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July 18, 2009

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Homer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Homer
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Standardbred Horse
Home: Victoria, Australia
   This is Homer. He really is my baby boy. We named him "Homer" because when we first got him he had a black muzzle, which reminded us of the cartoon character Homer Simpson as Homer Simpson has a black nose. He loves to play in the mud (as you can see, he has muddy legs). He is a very cheeky boy and will do anything for a cuddle. He's such a sweet boy. I can never be angry at him, if I do start to get mad at him, he just makes me laugh and I forget about what was making me angry. He does what he is told without a fight, too. Homer has really good bloodlines and he carries them on. I love him so much, I couldn't live without him. He is just so cute. Homer is such a friendly boy, and will do anything for a hug. He would do anything for a carrot, too. He loves his carrots! He's such a cheeky boy.

    Love you, Homer! xoxo

Homer, the Pet of the Day

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