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July 5, 2009

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Zippy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zippy
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Parakeet
Home: Natick, Massachusetts, USA
   Hey there, people of the universe! My name is Zippy! The naughty, loud, little bird!! I remember one time my mommy almost had a heart attack! I remember it like it was a few days ago. My mommy went to school one day (like any other day) and I got kinda bored so I thought I might have a little fun, hee hee heee. I pried open the door of my cage and waddled around the house. When mommy got home, I was on the other side of the kitchen, chilling. She screamed! I got scared too! I wasn't in my cage and the door was open a little (just big enough for me to crawl through). But I knew she was scared, so I waddled over to her and chirped at her feet. In a second I felt her warm hands around my body. She kissed on the head and put me in my cage. I am so bad! But she loves me anyway.

    Well I'm really happy where I live with my loving family of mommy, my brother Squeakers, Billybob and Angus. I live in a big white cage with tons on food and it is in a beautiful place in the house. I'm loved so much and I know I'm special to my mommy because I'm a sweetheart, but a little goofy bird!

    Mommy here: Zippy is more of the independent type but when he wants to be, he can be the sweetest most lovable bird on earth! On a normal day he waddles around and just watches you. Sometimes he will be naughty and snap at you, and some days he wants to be cuddled and loved. (He is mostly like that, thankfully.) He likes to play with your hair! Zippy will climb up your arm and pull and play with it! It's just too cute! He's such a curious bird. Always walking around the house. He is so cute when he cocks his head! I love my Little Zippy!

Zippy, the Pet of the Day

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