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July 1, 2009

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Kippie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kippie
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Gold-Cap Conure
Home: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
   This is Kippie, our Gold-Cap Conure. Kippie says "Hi!" She is sitting at her favorite place in the house - the computer. Kippie has her own bedroom and TV. She loves westerns that have horses in them. Her favorite show is "Cheyenne." She eats at the table with us on her home-made eating stand. She takes showers with us and loves the water. She is never locked up. We are very careful and cautious with Kippie; as she is not clipped.

    Kippie was about six weeks old when we got her. Her Hatch Certificate states her birthday as April 1, 2003; an April Fool's Day conure. I had to bottle feed Kippie throughout the day and all hours of the night until she was weened. It's just like feeding a human baby.

    She has never been, nor is she now a screamer. Kippie is a very well-behaved companion. She wants to participate in every activity we are involved in. This would probably aggravate most people but we love Kippie and really enjoy her curiosity and interests.

    Kippie loves all kinds of fresh fruits and watermelon. Grapes, bananas and cherries are her favorites. She loves vanilla wafers and fresh raw cashew nuts.

    Kippie will often lay on her back and sleep actually putting one of her claws over her beak and one in her mouth and make motions as if she was sucking her thumb. It is very cute to watch.

    Kippie has chosen Perry, my husband, to be her primary mate. They are "joined at the hip."

    Kippie loves to "help me," if you will, with housework, laundry and cooking. The only time she actually goes in her very huge cage is at bedtime. She only allows me to put her to bed. She comes to me and says "Night, night" then and only then is it time for bed.

    Her vocabulary is very limited. She says the following; Hi, hello, What's that, Step up, Love you, (she covers her head with one wing and then puts it down and says) Peekaboo, and Night, night. She actually talked more when she was younger.

    She will lay on her side and hold my little finger with one foot and with the other foot she holds her tail and bobs it up and down. She learned to do this watching me do this with my legs (exercising).

    She will often laugh at funny stuff on the television. This is a little scary since I nor my husband are laughing. She just seems to know sometimes when something is funny.

    As for the bagpipes; my husband plays. Kippie loves the pipes and will sit on Perry's shoulder when he is playing. Bagpipe music is her favorite music. She likes jigs and strathspeys (fast, upbeat tunes) best and will dance to these tunes; bobbing her head up and down, swaying side to side and doing complete 360 degree turns.

    This little girl is very independent in that she talks and puts on her shows usually only when wants to.

    Kippie should have been a duck. She loves the water. Every time Perry or I get in the shower, Kippie gets in. She has a shower perch but prefers to sit on our hand and get wet. She spreads her wings and bows her head as the water mist sprays down on her.

    Kippie loves to travel and when sleepy wants to sleep in my arms. As you well know one could go on and on, as these little creatures are clowns and there is never a dull moment.

Kippie, the Pet of the Day
Kippie, the Pet of the Day

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