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January 28, 2009

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Oliver, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oliver
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ferret
Home: Kirkland, Washington, USA
   What doesn't make my little Oliver special? One minute he is up and running, the next he is passed out cold and dead to the outside world around him. He knows where every hiding place is that can fit socks and thankfully that is his only thievery as of yet... Do not leave your socks unattended in my place or they are fair game for 'The Weasel!' He makes the most adorable noises when he plays. He even snores after a rough play session. He is smart, too.

    My Little Oli is barely a year old and has taken me by surprise. I grew up being afraid of 'weasels' until this little guy came into my life. It took all of 30 seconds of him snuggling up to my foot and then trying to run off with my sock looking back and 'giggling' for him to wrap his strings around my heart. His favorite play time game is to steal socks, even if they are on your feet!! If you run, he chases then stops to see if you will chase him back, chattering the whole time. He loves to climb up on the couch and 'sneak' attack his big brother (Tehya the Cat) by launching himself onto T's back. That usually earns him a growl, meow and a swipe of the paw. Then it is 'GAME ON' and they chase each other around till they both collapse from exhaustion.

    When Oli gets out of control or into trouble, my boyfriend provides me with hours of entertainment 'torturing' the weasel... They play airplane, tickle the belly, or hide the weasel (hiding him in a blanket or sock.) We love the little weasel and our lives wouldn't be the same without my little trouble maker. Add the cat into the mix and they are a rowdy pair that probably drive our neighbors insane when they get into play mode and chase each other all over the place.

    The most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed and he makes us all laugh all the time.

Oliver, the Pet of the Day

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