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January 27, 2009

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Nicole, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nicole
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Peruvian Redtail Boa Constrictor
Home: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
   Hello everyone! My name is Nicole. I am a two year old (Iquitos) Peruvian Redtail Boa Constrictor. At three foot long, I am just a baby. With proper care I will live 25 years, or more, and obtain a length of over ten feet! My home is a large encloser with tree limbs for me to climb on, heat lamps for me to bask under and stay warm, a water bowl to soak in, and soft bedding for me to burrow and hide in. I love my home. I've got a wonderful family. There are four other boas and me. I have a brother, and three sisters. And Dad always makes sure we have food and fresh water. My favorite thing to do is go outside and crawl around. When it is warm out, Dad takes us all outside and lets us climb on the trees, or crawl in the yard. Sometimes I get to go for a ride in the car, and dad takes me to the pet store. There I get to meet different people and animals, and other snakes.I have a great life!

    I couldn't have asked for a better snake than Nicole. She is very out going and loves to be held. She has never bit or hissed at anyone, and everyone who sees her thinks she beautiful... I agree! This year Nicole, and a couple of her sisters, will accompany me to my daughters fourth grade class. There I will teach the children facts about these wonderful animals, and allow them to interact with Nicole. Hoping they leave with a better understanding of the snake. That it is an important and necessary part of our ecosystem. An animal to be respected... not feared.

Nicole, the Pet of the Day
Nicole, the Pet of the Day

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