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January 14, 2009

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Butterscotch, the Pet of the Day
Name: Butterscotch
Age: Ten weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini Rex, Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Escondido, California, USA
   Butterscotch sure is one-of-a-kind! He is the best bunny a person could ever have. When we got him, he was the cutest thing you'd ever see! I knew I just had to have him! He was kind of my Birthday/Christmas present. He has an attitude, but even though he may be a pain sometimes, he can be the most loving bunny. He loves to hop up on my lap, and cuddle. He tickles me though, because he is so soft! He is really calm when you pick him up and hold him. Whenever he crawls up my shoulder, he just stays there and doesn't even bother to jump off. He is the most relaxed bunny when you hold him, but when he's out on the floor, he's off! When I was watching him, he was doing these really, really high jumps. I thought something was wrong, but then learned that when they do that, they're just practicing. We called it his, 'Wild Moments!' It's really funny, but sometimes, he can go a little overboard and bump into things! He loves his pictures taken! When we try to take one, he stays still and sort of makes a pose! It's really funny, but at least we get good pictures! Butterscotch sometimes acts like a puppy. When I watch tv, he lays down, gets relaxed, and seems as if he watches it too! He cracks me up! The first time I put him in his cage, he just stared at me for a while. It was kind of weird. When I approached him, he started licking my nose! I read a book about bunnies that said when a rabbit licks you, he is really saying, "I love you and that's why I'm grooming you." It was the cutest thing! He's been doing that ever since!

    I know, by the way he acts, he trusts me most. I think that because I was the first new person, to hold him and his first new owner. He only licks me and acts like a puppy around me. He thinks I am his mommy. So, I know that I have to love and care for him as much as I can. I know if I trust him, he will trust me. I look forward to many more years to come with Butterscotch, and he will always be in my heart for the rest of my life. Always.

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