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January 13, 2009

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Passion, the Pet of the Day
Name: Passion
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Jersey Cow
Home: Plant City, Florida, USA
   This is a close-up picture of Passion. Her barn buddy Ruby is in the background. She is a Jersey Dairy Cow and is one of my son's Hillsborough County 4-H Dairy projects. Her registered full name is "Precious Paramount's PrideNPassion". We call her Passion for short. All of my son's Jersey cows have names that start with a P. Peanut (her Aunt), Precious (her Mama) and now Passion. Passion is extra special because she was born at our place and was our first heifer (female cow). Her Mama would not let her nurse, so we bottle fed her until she started eating grain. She is a pretty cool cow. Just like her Mama "Precious," she is a big goofball. When she was a newborn calf she would stick her teeth out which we called "Passion's Bubba Teeth". She has been in 4-H & FFA shows around Florida. If you are at the Florida State Fair this year, stop by the dairy cows to see "Passion".

    Passion is very affectionate. When you are in the pasture with her, she is constantly rubbing her head up against you to get you to scratch her neck. She loves baths and going to cow shows. She knows that a good bath and a full body clip means it is time for her to show off in the show arena. She has won lots of ribbons and trophies. Don;t be bothered by the tags in her ears, okay - think of them as earrings!

    When she was a calf she was entered into the Florida Strawberry Festival Dairy Costume Parade. My son was dressed as Austin Udders and she was Foxxy Cowapatra. She won "Most Funny" Category and brought home a huge trophy and blue ribbon.

    Passion will be bred this year. When she has her own calf she will go to live at the dairy to produce milk. Right now we are having fun spoiling her and loving her!

Passion, the Pet of the Day
Passion, the Pet of the Day

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