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February 24, 2009

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Nico, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nico
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian hamster
Home: Portugal
   Nico is a very gentle hamster. He is my first Syrian hamster, and I can say that was love at first glance. I bought him at an exposition of the CPH (that's the Portuguese hamster club). I'm not sure about his age, but maybe he is one year old. He is a Golden long-haired satin Syrian hamster, and his fur is very soft.

    He loves raisins, carrots and cookies, and goes crazy every time I let him go outside the cage. He runs all around the room, smelling everything and exploring.

    These pictures were taken on the day when he came home, so he was a little scared and stayed in the tube for a while. Now he is more comfortable and more friendly and adventurous.

Nico, the Pet of the Day

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