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February 16, 2009

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Machine Bun Kelly, the Pet of the Day
Name: Machine Bun Kelly
Age: One year and a half old
Gender: Female
Kind: American Fuzzy Lop
Home: Seattle, Washington, USA
   This is my American Fuzzy Lop, Machine Bun Kelly *named after Machine Gun Kelly, the notorious mobster, because she is a notorious monster*. We call her Appa. I know, nothing to do with the name, but my daughter said she looks just like the flying bison, Appa, on her favorite cartoon, The Last Avatar.

    She is allowed outside as long as the garage door is open, so that she can run away from evil cats. She knows her boundaries, and doesn't go outside of our yard. Don't worry, we didn't use any harmful dyes on her. Her strange coloring is due to berry juice leftover from making huckleberry, cherry and blackberry pies. After she got her nose into the bowl, and came up pink, I had a crazy idea. I rubbed different kinds onto different parts, and she thoroughly enjoyed licking it off until I rinsed her in the tub. We live next door to a school, so the kids always visit the "cotton candy bunny."

    She does know a few tricks. She does 'binkies' for fruit slices, she can walk upright on her back legs (very strange looking,) and she knows how to hop from the couch to the bookcase and then the top of the cabinet and open the door from the top with her paw to get to the 'hidden' mango treats on the top shelf inside. If she can't push them out, she sits up there and thumps until we rescue her and give her one! Manipulative monster. She also chases any cats that get near our yard, and has never met a worthy opponent.

    Her personality is very 'female,' she is affectionate, licking and cleaning our heads and any stuffed animals she finds. She has 'adopted' three bunnies whose mother died. She has shown them the boundaries of our yard, growling and giving them a good nip if they wander off, even though they are grown now. She is also very jealous when my friend brings her bunny over. She sulks under the couch, thumps, and ignores us for hours after she is gone. She looks like a hefty bun, but she is always flipping in the air and racing up and down the hallways. She has become quite attached to my 8-year-old daughter, and follows her most everywhere, which has caused for some awkward bathroom trips and having to check under the car each time I'm taking my daughter somewhere. We often take her to the beach with us, to parks, etc., where she gets plenty of attention and has to be kept on a 40-ft tether to keep her OUT of the water! Out of several bunnies I've owned over my lifetime, she is definitely the most interesting!

    There are a few videos on my YouTube account.

Machine Bun Kelly, the Pet of the Day
Machine Bun Kelly, the Pet of the Day

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