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February 8, 2009

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Richard, the Pet of the Day
Name: Richard
Age: Deceased
Gender: Male
Kind: Muscovy Duck
Home: Gold Hill, Oregon, USA
   Hello, I am Richard! I am a very unusual duck as I am a Muscovy. The most unusual thing about me is I don't like water! Consequently, I am a very skuzzy duck (or so my vertical friend calls me) as I only take a bath twice a year. Most of the time I spend my days sitting under an apple tree, running after the lady ducks and eating, eating, eating. I have a very happy life!

    I am also very special to my vertical friend and that makes me happy. Many years ago, I was thrown away on the neighbor's lawn and when the neighbors moved, they didn't take me with them. Although I am a tough bird, I was all alone and became hungry within ten minutes so this was not a happy time. Thankfully, my vertical friend adopted me shortly thereafter and brought me to her farm. For many years now, I have had a relatively happy life with her as she has five girl duckies and I am not lonely anymore. Also, I'm not expected to do anything more than be "Richard."

    I also talk, y'know! Whenever my vertical friend comes too near, I stretch my gobbly neck upwards and issue a typical male Muscovy greeting of "Hssss Hssss Hsssss!" This sounds very threatening but my vertical friend respects me and gives me the space I demand. I am, after all, the leader of my flock!

    There have only been two occasions where, once again, I had to get tough. One was when the dogs decided I should be lunch and hurt me pretty bad but I fought back and survived. A small miracle, I am, or so they say. Then a year ago, the male geese got pushy and hurt me pretty bad again but my vertical friend took them away and helped me recover. I let her touch me and bathe my eyes and my leathery face which was pretty badly damaged. I really didn't mind her touching me as I knew she was trying to help but as soon as I got my strength back, I once again took up my position as head male duck (and the only male duck, by the way).

    From Richard's vertical friend: Regretfully, Richard died in May of 2006 and was tenderly buried beneath his favorite apple tree. His age was unknown but his personality will be forever remembered by his friends and even his "Ladies."

    There could never be another Richard and I miss him. Thank you for reading his story.

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