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December 31, 2009

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Arthur, the Pet of the Day
Name: Arthur
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Parakeet
Home: Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
   This is our little cutie Arthur. We got Arthur a few months ago after our parakeet, Boomer passed away from a liver disease. Our other parakeet Horus was incredibly lonely, so we knew we'd have to get him a friend.

    Arthur is a little acrobat. He loves playing with his toys. He likes to climb and hang upside from the top of his cage, and also hangs upside down from his swing. He loves to play with bells and will sit in his swing and tug at them. Sometimes he hangs on his toys while trying to unhook them from the top of the cage--luckily he hasn't succeeded yet.

    We were concerned that Arthur and Horus wouldn't get along but after a few weeks they've really bonded. If anything Arthur is too playful for Horus. Sometimes Horus looks at him like "can't we just nap for awhile?"

    Arthur is a special pet because he makes us laugh and brings us such joy. We know no bird can replace Boomer, but he's definitely found a place in our hearts.

Arthur, the Pet of the Day

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