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December 28, 2009

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Princess, the Pet of the Day
Name: Princess
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Hamster
Home: Houston, Texas, USA
   My hamster's name is Princess, also known as "Prince-Prince". Her favorite thing to do is run around in my bedroom. She gets really excited! She also likes running in her exercise wheel as well. She is so cute, and one time she got it going so fast, she spun upside down in her wheel! She is very little, and actually, Bella, (my sister's hamster) is Princess' sister! They are from the same litter! They are really close and we can even put them in the same cage and they won't do anything to each other, but we keep them separate because we each have separate rooms! And we like them close to us at night!!!

    She is called "Prince-Prince" because my Pre-K teacher called her dog "Prince-Prince" and I love my Pre-K teacher! Princess has a really funny personality. She seems like she is a baby. She always seems like "what's going on?" or "who are you?" or things like that. I love my hamster Princess, she is very special to me!

    I think my hamster Princess is special because she is mine and I love her. My hamster Princess loves to run in her ball and she likes to run on my bed and climb on me! She is a joy to have and she is really funny to watch in her cage. My hamster loves to run around on my rug when my sister and I put out our legs and she goes in between them, and sometimes even tries to climb over them! She is really silly sometimes and she looks like a little brownie!

Princess, the Pet of the Day

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