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December 22, 2009

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Rimmi and Winter, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rimmi, Winter
Age: Seven, Six months old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Netherland Dwarf, Polish Dwarf
Home: Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom
   These are my two house rabbits, Rimmi and Winter. Rimmi is the blue rabbit wearing the santa hat. He joined our home back in August and is full of attitude and fun. He was named after mine and my partner's favorite take-a-way ... Rimmi's pizza!! He's a proper lad's lad, preferring to play with his dad instead of me!

    We adopted Winter, the grey Chinchilla colored rabbit, from a Rescue Centre at the end of November to come and keep Rimmi company. She is such a softy and loves hay and cuddles. She had to be hand-reared by a fosterer with her three brothers after their original owner left her mum and dad together and her mum had another litter only four weeks after having Winter.

    They get along really well. Rimmi and Winter do a great job of keeping me company while my partner plays cricket and they are always pleased to see me when I get back from university.

    Rimmi is really vocal, grunting and honking at me and my partner, its so funny. And we can't stroke one rabbit without the other one demanding attention. We love watching the bunnies binky and pull stunts in our living room, jumping on us and pinching (stealing) our food ... we have to keep our plates off the floor, otherwise Rimmi will lick them clean!!

    Rimmi and Winter are special because they are great company around the house, both to each other, and for us humans, too.

Rimmi and Winter, the Pet of the Day Rimmi and Winter, the Pet of the Day

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