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December 1, 2009

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Moonlight, the Pet of the Day
Name: Moonlight
Age: Twenty years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Welsh Pony
Home: UK
   My pet's name is Moonlight we call her Moonie for short! Moonie is special to me because she's always on my side and if I get a bit nervous she slows down and gets calmer. I can always trust Moonlight, unless it's windy and she has not been ridden for three weeks - that only happened once because I went on a school trip and then I came home very ill! She seemed quite lively that time and would not walk, she was sort of fast walking nearly trotting.

    We bought Moonlight because of her beautiful kindness. I would never ever sell my Moonie even If I was dared 1000 pounds! I feel that she's got a beautiful show name Ilar Moonlight, I love hearing it when I go show jumping. It makes my feel great ! Now me and Moonie are learning to do a flying change (yay!). It's harder than I thought, but we will learn it!

Moonlight, the Pet of the Day

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