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Moonlight the Welsh Pony Moonlight
Welsh Pony
December 01, 2009

Thorn the African Pygmy Hedgehog Thorn
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Alberta, Canada
December 02, 2009

Rascal the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Rascal
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Utah, USA
December 03, 2009

Vaska the Dwarf mix Rabbit Vaska
Dwarf mix Rabbit
Washington, D.C., USA
December 04, 2009

Twinkie the Ferret Twinkie
Fall River, Massachusetts, USA
December 05, 2009

Sera the Rabbit Sera
December 06, 2009

Pookie the Dwarf Hamster Pookie
Dwarf Hamster
Capitola, California, USA
December 07, 2009

Squee the African Pygmy Hedgehog Squee
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Edmonton, Alberta
December 08, 2009

Shortstuff the Leghorn chicken Shortstuff
Leghorn chicken
Middletown Township, Pennsylvania, USA
December 09, 2009

Cookie the Teddy Guinea Pig Cookie
Teddy Guinea Pig
Barrington, Illinois, USA
December 10, 2009

Marlon the Lionhead angora Marlon
Lionhead angora
Bedburg-Königshoven, Germany
December 11, 2009

Didi the Cockatiel Didi
South Korea
December 12, 2009

Hommy the Djungarian Hamster Hommy
Djungarian Hamster
December 13, 2009

Toby the Guinea Pig Toby
Guinea Pig
New Philadelphia, Ohio, USA
December 14, 2009

Naahla the Arabian mare Naahla
Arabian mare
Hiram, Georgia, USA
December 15, 2009

Nero Bianco the Fancy mouse Nero Bianco
Fancy mouse
Emmendingen, Germany
December 16, 2009

Patrick the Pacific Parrotlet Patrick
Pacific Parrotlet
Texas, USA
December 17, 2009

Najana the Horse Najana
December 18, 2009

Jack the Hamster Jack
Davie, Florida, USA
December 19, 2009

Lucky the Leopard gecko Lucky
Leopard gecko
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
December 20, 2009

Sage the Senegal Parrot Sage
Senegal Parrot
Largo, Florida, USA
December 21, 2009

Rimmi, Winter the Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Rimmi, Winter
Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf
Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom
December 22, 2009

Razzle the Sugar Glider Razzle
Sugar Glider
Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey, USA
December 23, 2009

Tim the Rabbit Tim
Hazel Green, Alabama, USA
December 24, 2009

Lucky the Lop Rabbit Lucky
Lop Rabbit
December 25, 2009

Paris the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Paris
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Palatine, Illinois, USA
December 26, 2009

Jolina the Haflinger Horse Jolina
Haflinger Horse
December 27, 2009

Princess the Hamster Princess
Houston, Texas, USA
December 28, 2009

Thumperlina the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Thumperlina
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
December 29, 2009

Lizzy the Sugar Glider Lizzy
Sugar Glider
Robinson, Illinois, USA
December 30, 2009

Arthur the Parakeet Arthur
Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
December 31, 2009

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