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August 22, 2009

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June Bug, the Pet of the Day
Name: June Bug
Age: Eleven weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Hedgehog
Home: Silver Springs, Florida, USA
   June bug was an anniversary gift from my husband. She is the most social hedgie I have ever had and really enjoys having her little nose kissed.

    June Bug is a eleven-week-old girl who is full of love. She will ball up when you try to get her out of her cage, but before you are even able to sit down she is out of her ball and running all over you. She loves to get out of her cage at night and have full access of my king-size bed and her favorite thing to do is pull my tv remote around my bed by her teeth. She is also queen of cage wrecking, every morning I have to clean her cage from top to bottom and put everything back in its place. Her favorite item in her cage is her wheel. She will run all night long and does not care who is watching. Every night before she is returned to her cage, she sticks her little nose out for kisses and will often return the favor with a little wet nose on my cheek.

June Bug, the Pet of the Day

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