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August 14, 2009

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Abby, Molly, the Pet of the Day
Name: Abby, Molly
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian, Short-Hair guinea pigs
Home: Florissant, Missouri, USA
   Abby (left) and Molly (right) are the sweetest pair of sisters who we adopted from our local Humane Society on May 1, 2006. We adopted them on the very first day that they were at the Humane Society. What a fun wedding anniversary gift that these girlies turned out to be!

    Abby and Molly love to pose for pictures, and they are always well-behaved little ladies for any photo shoot. When we take pictures for the annual cavy Christmas photo card, Abby and Molly always sit prim and proper while they watch our other cavies create mayhem! This was, of course, from their third birthday party!

    Since they live together in the same cage, Abby and Molly take turns as to who is on "guard duty" while the other one sleeps. They both have supersonic hearing, so one faint rustle of a salad bag or one tiny knock on the grape bowl means that both of them will be perched on their pellet bowl within five seconds, ready for a treat. Abby and Molly soak up all the attention that we can give to them, and they love to sit together on our lap. Abby's nickname is "Mop Head" for her wild coiffure that always looks like it needs some Dippity-Do. Molly's nickname is "Slinky" because she can stretch her own body as long as a toy Slinky, with the greatest of ease.

    Abby and Molly are two perfect reasons why people should adopt their next cavy from the Humane Society or another local shelter!

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