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August 13, 2009

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Lucy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lucy
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Angora Rabbit
Home: Wenatchee, Washington, USA
   Lucy is tame enough to ride on a swing, her fur can be used by spinners to make sweaters, hats, scarves, blankets, gloves, etc., and she likes to be held like a baby. She is so soft, cuddly and sweet. Her ears are so cute as they bend over at the top. Everyone likes to come and visit her. People call her the Easter Bunny. She lets anyone hold her, too. She loves to get groomed. Her favorite treats are raspberries and spinach.

    Lucy has her own bedroom in the house, decorated with rabbit art. Her cage is a 10 by 10 foot cyclone kennel with a roof. She has a brick den to go into during the hot and cold days. Attached to her pen is another outside play area, where she can dig and play in the dirt. Lucy makes really awesome nests if she thinks she is going to have babies, when she is in heat. She makes her nests by pulling off her fur and wrapping hay around it. She is an incredible nest builder. Her Dad was a Grand Champion too. So, Lucy is a very special rabbit.

Lucy, the Pet of the Day
Lucy, the Pet of the Day

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