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August 6, 2009

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Oscar, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oscar
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Moustache Parakeet
Home: USA
   This is my bird Oscar, he's a Moustache Parakeet. I rescued him a few years ago from a very bad situation. When I first met Oscar, he was in very bad shape. He was extremely underweight, very depressed and was missing feathers in spots and patches all over his body. The worst is that his beak was so long and crooked, it nearly pierced his chest. Because of this, he couldn't eat because he was not able to pick up his food. It nearly broke my heart, and I just had to help him! No bird should be neglected like that.

    Well, I have had him three years now, and he made a complete turn around. It just took proper care and some love, and he blossomed into the handsome little bird he was always meant to be. Owning a bird - even a small one like Oscar - is a big responsibility. They need the right food, the right toys to keep them busy and keep their beaks worn down enough, and they need love and attention. It takes work, but it is worth it. And Oscar is a sweetheart now, too! He has made my life complete and has taught me a lot. He is a wonderful companion and loyal friend. He has changed my life, and life with Oscar just keeps getting better. I wouldn't want it any other way.

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