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August 2, 2009

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Daphne, the Pet of the Day
Name: Daphne
Age: Fifteen weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lop Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Surrey, United Kingdom
   My boyfriend and I first got Daphne two months ago from Horton Park Farm. We had searched for a few days to find the perfect rabbit, the one that took your eye and when we turned up at Horton Park Farm as a last resort, there she was. She was the last rabbit left but this didn't matter because when we saw her lop ears and little grey nose we knew she was perfect. The seller handed her to me for a quick cuddle before preparing her for travel and they couldn't of been happier to see her take to me like fish to water. They soon took her off me to prepare for travel and we filled out the paper work and handed over the well-spent money. The ride home wasn't too bad; she seemed relaxed and happy (a little treat didn't go amiss either).

    We soon encountered some problems after arriving home with her as the hutch (expected that morning) hadn't arrived yet, but this wasn't too much of a worry as she was going to be a house rabbit anyway. We set up her bed and litter tray on the floor in our bedroom and she took to the litter tray faster than we expected. The next day the hutch arrived with an apology and we were ready to set up and move her into her very own little home (a two-tier hutch).

    For a couple of weeks after bringing her home she was very distant from us and didn't really want to venture out of the hutch which started to get us worried whether she was happy or not. We tried to cuddle her and get close, but she just didn't seem to want to know. Instead of invading her personal space any longer we decided on a different method, spoil her rotten. We gave her fresh fruit and vegetables from the green house in the garden and even made her a bunny safe apple juice on the occasion. We would take it in turns to sit next to the hutch and read her a chapter from a book so she got used to us talking to her and being there. This worked! Daphne started coming closer and closer to the edge of the hutch, soon after we could sit with the hutch door open and then soon after that we could stroke her head while we read to her. We now enjoy a very close relationship with daphne and she even lays on the bed with us at night and watches TV while having a cuddle.

    So as a thank you to Daphne for accepting us as her family and in celebration of our new found friendship we wanted to honor Daphne as a very special pet.

   Daphne has a very cute video :) too

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