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April 25, 2009

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Ted, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ted
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Red Eared Slider
Home: Dayton, Ohio, USA
   Ted is a fun energetic turtle who loves the out doors. One memory I remember that last summer I brought Ted outside in our front yard to play with him, and it wasn't too cold or too hot for him to be out it was the perfect day for a turtle like Ted to be outside. Well, when I set him down I told him, thinking that he would listen, to him to stay there in a little hole I dug with my hands for him so he didn't have to dig one for himself. I went to go tell my dad that he was outside and he said ok. When I went back to the hole, I thought that a bird or an other animal had caught him. First I went inside to tell my dad that Ted was missing. My dad came out to help me, and we were looking for him. There he was in our garden eating an earth worm. It was nasty. I guess he was just getting "fresh" food like a wild turtle.

    Ted is a fun pet and a good turtle, and next time I will know better than to leave him unsupervised.

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