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April 16, 2009

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Max, the Pet of the Day
Name: Max
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Eclectus Parrot
Home: Oldsmar, Florida, USA
   Max is a male Eclectus Parrot. He's very conceited because he's always saying Pretty Birdie or Super Birdie. My husband is always asking me how much something costs which I get tired of hearing, so to get even I taught the bird to say is "HOW MUCH? He says this often and sometimes at the most inopportune times like the day I took him to visit a female bird of his species. He proceeded to say "Hello, How Much." He loves to run around the house on the floor and see what he can get into. His favorite hobby is eating and he loves to talk.

    He is a very chatty little fellow. He's always happy to try new foods, leaves included. If you want to win him over all you have to do is kiss his beak and you have a friend for life. He loves to go for car rides and the first thing out of his beak is weeeeee as soon as the engine starts. He certainly gives us lots of love and entertainment.

Max, the Pet of the Day
Max, the Pet of the Day

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