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April 3, 2009

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Professor Plum, the Pet of the Day
Name: Professor Plum
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Betta Splendens
Home: Escondido, California, USA
   Professor Plum is one of my eight betta fish. I have had Professor Plum for a year and a half now. He was named Professor Plum because he is a beautiful purple plum color, and he lives in my office at the University where I work. I felt it was a fitting name since I work with professors all day.

    Professor Plum likes to stare at the students as I advise them. They, in turn, ask questions about him - what kind of fish is he, doesn't he need an air filter, can't he have a friend in the bowl with him. Not only do the students get an education in Engineering, they also learn about betta fish, how to care for them, and what fun pets they can be. So he is special not just to me, but to the many students Professor Plum has influenced.

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