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September 30, 2008

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Gus Gus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gus Gus
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian Hamster
Home: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
   I'd like to nominate my Syrian Panda Bear Hamster Gus Gus. He's a very sweet boy who loves watermelon, and his yogurt treats. He'll do just about anything for either of those treats!

    Gus Gus loves to run on his wheel and he also likes to run in his ball, so he does get exercise, but most of all he likes it when I let him hang out with me and he grooms himself and he catches up on his TV viewing. He really likes Animal Planet, and if I don't keep the remote away from him he always manages to change the station by standing on the buttons with those little paws. If I keep it on Animal Planet, though, he doesn't stand on the remote, smart, huh?

    I love Gus very much and I'm so happy he picked me out that day at the pet store. He's a wonderful hamster!

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