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September 29, 2008

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Charm, the Pet of the Day
Name: Charm
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Silky Mix Guinea Pig
Home: Lebanon, Illinois, USA
   Charm is super special for many reasons: she is the only girl pig I've ever had; she was given to me by a friend; and she is diabetic!

    People always ask me how I knew she was diabetic, I noticed she was in taking a lot more water than usual and I know that's a symptom of diabetes in people (and her cage needed more "wet" cleaning up after), so I decided to have a test done by my wonderful vet Dr. Sue. She confirmed my suspicions. I've never had to have her on medication, though, I've tried to control it with her diet and it seems to be working because she is over five years old and doing very well.

    She is the noisiest pig I've had (I've had three boys that have passed away and have another boy who is two currently.) She whistles, squeaks and wheeks very loudly when she wants treats or attention. She is also known to wake me up at 3am "chirping," it really does sound like a bird is in the house!

    She was named Charm by my friend's daughters, but her name is deceiving, she is quite independent and will let you know with a little nip when she doesn't want to be bothered... but she also loves to be held and petted once she is out of her cage.

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