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September 19, 2008

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Belle, the Pet of the Day
Name: Belle
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: New Zealand Black rabbit
Home: Newport, Ohio, USA
   Belle is our beautiful New Zealand Black rabbit, I am not quite sure of her age, so we just tell folks she is our "Senior doe." Belle means "beautiful" in French, and Belle the rabbit is beautiful in spirit as well as in looks.

    Belle is special because she is playful, and loves to jump and run in short little bursts when she is out of her hutch. She is very sweet, too, because she enjoys attention and contact. I have met rabbits that don't like to be petted, but Belle is not like that. You could probably pet her for hours, and she'd be happy, and her fur is so soft that it's irresistible - you just want to touch it, and that turns into more petting for Belle - and everyone is happy! She doesn't like being picked up, but she loves getting petted!

    It is hard to get her picture when she is not in her hutch, because she'd rather be playing or being petted, so if you are far enough away to get a good picture, she'll hop right at you, so you'll have to stop and pet her. I like this picture because you can see her dewlap because it's a profile shot - that's the extra "pouch" below her chin, and is a characteristic of the New Zealand rabbit females. When I take a picture and she's facing the camera, you cannot see her dewlap well at all.

    Belle enjoys oats. She eats her hay, and gets her rabbit food, but oats are her favorite. She is our "belle" Belle. We also have a male New Zealand rabbit, but he is solid white. Belle is our black beauty!

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