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September 15, 2008

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Key Lime, the Pet of the Day
Name: Key Lime
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Australian Parakeet
Home: Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA
   I found Key Lime at my aunt's house in Atlanta after Christmas, when they had birds. Her full name is Key Lime Pie. I had just recently lost my first bird, and was sad. My aunt could no longer keep some of the newborn parakeets because she had too many, so I volunteered to keep Key Lime. I named her for her lime-like colors and tamed her, and as soon as we reached home, she explored everywhere she could. She loved every bit of the house she could fly to. She has amazing acrobat skills, has been known to attack my 5th grade army hat, and she loves the spotlight!

    A few years later the other three birds came, who happen to be her younger brothers and sister. Walter is her younger sister, and is grey. Peter, the second youngest brother, and is olive green and black. The last of the group is Sky, he is the younger brother bird with the least dull neon green. The four kin became like a group. Most of the time now, no one is the leader, and no one follows.

    Key Lime may be interested in her bird family now, as she has her own little flock, but she still loves my family just as much. I try with my camera to get as much of these four as I can, because when they are gone, it will never be the same. Key Lime is the top bird in the flock photo, she is my friend, and will always be a very special bird to me.

Key Lime, the Pet of the Day

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