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September 2, 2008

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Betty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Betty
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Indian Runner Duck
Home: Maitland, Florida, USA
   His name is Betty and he is an Indian Runner Duck. Betty lives with me In Florida. Betty is very special to me because he is my very first duck and is very loving and sweet. He loves his belly scratched and will sit up real tall for you to scratch it. He also has a wife and four kids. His wife's name is Wilma and his kids are named Daisy, Donald, Abigail, and Amelia.

    Betty is a very good calm and quiet duck. He is very laid back and get kinda hyper when he sees something he wants, like a treat, he also loves my dog Sandy and likes to tug at her hair. She may not like it but Betty sure does. I got him and his sister when they were around two weeks old. They lived inside with me until they would rather be outside in the backyard by the lake. He loves his belly scratched, like I said. He doesn't really like other people but he warms right up to me. He can be a little tough guy to people who try and come into his pen (what everyone calls his vacation condo since it is so big). He tries to show people whose boss by running up to them and shoving his beak into you. He doesn't ever bite but he acts like he is going to. It always works. His favorite food is his greens. Anything green he loves. Not as much as he loves his scratches, though!

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