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October 29, 2008

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Fritz, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fritz
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Grey Chinchilla
Home: California, USA
   Fritz likes to eat his banana chip, he also likes dried papaya, but he hates dried apricot. He is three years old now and is a Grey chinchilla. Fritz is special because he is a little escape artist! He squeezed through his cage one day and the next morning I found him on top of my television set. He also hides inside the fabric of my old chair, and eats anything that is made of paper. He especially likes to chew on the corners of books!

    Fritz is a nervous little chinchilla so he is more independent. Its hard to catch him if he runs out of his cage cause he does not like to be held. He prefers to be out of his cage so he can chew my boyfriends stuff! He likes to sleep in the play tubes I got him. He enjoys his dust bath and when I put it in his cage and tap on the side he knows to come out of his tube and take a bath. He runs all night long on his flying saucer wheel.

    Fritz eats chinchilla pellets, and he needs to have a stick to chew on in his cage at all times. This keeps their teeth healthy. They also need timothy hay for fiber. They have a similar diet to rabbits. They are not difficult as a pet, but do require attention if they do not have a playmate. They must also have a dust bath each week for their fur. They have a special fur that they need to keep dry, and oils from our hands gets on their fur so they need the dust baths. You also have to grip them a certain way if picking them up, because if you pull them by the fur they have a defense mechanism which is to release the fur. This is how they would escape in the wild from predators. I hope this info is helpful to anyone who is considering a chinchilla for a pet! Fritz is a great little friend.

Fritz, the Pet of the Day

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