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October 3, 2008

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Tabby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tabby
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rabbit
Home: England, UK
   Tabby is my best friend. She has stuck with me through thick and thin. Tabby is easy to talk to and wouldn't ever tell anyone my secrets. She loves her food - especially parsley - and she loves her best friends, Tipsy and Tessy, who share a huge hutch with her. She also has a boyfriend called Harry who fathered her babies.

    Her favorite activity is to run around in the garden with Tipsy and Tessy. That's when I caught this picture of her, ears wide, in the middle of a romp. I was surprised she stopped and I got her picture! She loves to eat everything. She once even stole a bite of a burger! She's very laid back and ever so beautiful. She has so much love to give. She was a super mum, and she treats all babies like her own, licking them and playing with them, even if they're not hers! She's a great girl and I'm sure we will spend a very long time together enjoying each other's company for years to come.

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