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October 2, 2008

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Richard, the Pet of the Day
Name: Richard
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinese water dragon
Home: San Antonio, Texas, USA

    This is my Chinese water dragon, Richard. He has a lot of personality, too, just like some of the other water dragons that have been featured here. He enjoys climbing the curtains to get the best view of my room. Richard also loves being inside the closet, and he has figured out how to get in, even if the door is only open a crack. He likes to sleep on laundry, and just about any soft object he can find.

    Richard knows how to drink from a cup, and when he sees his cup, he will immediately let me know that he wants to take a sip. He also likes to be hand-fed, to the point of laziness. If I put a closed fist in front of him, he knows that there will be a cricket within it, and prepare himself to snatch it out of my hand!

    Richard is my first water dragon. He was actually my "plan B" because I originally wanted a snake, but knew my roommate would not be wild about living under the same roof as one. After doing homework on water dragons, I decided to "settle" for a lizard, and I realized I had made the right choice. I saw him in the store and I knew he was the one for me! He was the most rambunctious water dragon in his tank. The rest is history :-)

   Richard is the best!

Richard, the Pet of the Day

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