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November 29, 2008

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Michael, the Pet of the Day
Name: Michael
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Koi
Home: Oldsmar, Florida, USA
   Michael is a handsome fish as you can see from his photo. He chows down on regular koi food, but occasionally he gets his favorite treat: chicken livers. Yum! He can come half-way out of the water when he is eating. Michael was named after the Pond builder but later discovered Michael the fish is a "Michelle." The Pond guy was very feminine, so maybe that's okay. And we still refer to Michael as a he, we just got used to it. We know he is worth something money-wise because he won a ribbon at a Koi show and we were offered $1,200 for him. I just like Michael because he likes to eat out of your hand, although any of them do if you happen to have raw chicken livers. That's their favorite.

    Michael loves his pond and all of the other fishes, especially the girl fishes. They have baby koi a couple times a year. Michael shares his pond with about twenty other koi and a small assortment of turtles. Because we are in Florida, he swims around all year long. He is such a character! He likes to swim around and flash his brilliant colors at all of his friends. And when people come to visit, he shows off even more, like a little kid performing for "company." He's so funny! We love Michael!

Michael, the Pet of the Day

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