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November 28, 2008

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Bun Bun, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bun Bun
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dutch rabbit
Home: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
   Bun Bun came to live with us a year ago when I informed my husband that he was getting me a bunny for my birthday. Since I had already picked Bun Bun out, it's a good thing he agreed! I couldn't have gotten a better present, because I love Bun Bun with all of my heart. People might think that rabbits are timid animals, but Bun Bun certainly has a strong personality, not to mention a rather pronounced sense of entitlement. She makes it abundantly clear that my husband and I are simply there to do her bidding by giving her raisins and chunks of banana and rubbing her nose and behind her ears. Sometimes we get the better of her, as you can see in the picture where I fashioned her a nice "scarf." I entitled this picture, "You'll pay for this" because she does not seem to be nearly as amused about it as I do.

    Bun Bun has such funny little personality quirks. When I clean her cage, if I put her toys into her house, she immediately throws them out and looks at me with disgust. She has play time outside of her cage every day where she runs around at about 700 miles per hour and jumps and twists in the air, a move known to bunny owners as a "binky." If I make the mistake of leaving her mortal enemy the broom out when she is running, battle ensues and Bun Bun growls, oinks and bites at the broom. She has also learned several tricks and is quite the intrepid little explorer. Although I would not have thought it possible, she has learned to squeeze under the couch. She has also learned to jump up on the bed.

    She is such a nutty little beast, but she is also very sweet. Everything I have read about bunnies say that they don't like to be held. Bun Bun is clearly an exception because she lets me hold her for hours while I rub her head and her back. She also likes when I sing to her, which makes me happy because she is the only one who appreciates my singing. When I hold her, she grinds her teeth, which is a bunny's way of purring. She also likes to lie in bed beside me or my husband snuggling with us in a "bunny pile." However, when she gets tired of being held, she begins digging to let you know that she has accommodated us enough and we must be reminded that she is really the boss. She is never boring and I look forward to every new day with her to see what she will come up with next.

Bun Bun, the Pet of the Day

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