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November 21, 2008

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Giorgio, the Pet of the Day
Name: Giorgio
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Moluccan Cockatoo
Home: Franklin, New Jersey, USA
   This is Giorgio, one of our sanctuary parrots at Under My Wing Avian Refuge in Franklin, NJ. Giorgio was surrendered a week before last Christmas, he is a total baby at heart. He mostly loves to do snuggle time and adores getting caressed. He's so sweet! Giorgio often comes on our education programs for schools because he is well behaved around children. He is very a very gentle and sweet bird, so is perfect to help children learn to understand and appreciate our feathered friends.

    Giorgio is a wonderful bird. I am not too sure why he was relinquished, other than what was told us. The owner called us a few weeks before Christmas last year, she wanted to permanent place Giorgio because he had started to pluck his chest, which is a sign of stress, and they had to go away for two weeks. In searching for such a place, the Paterson Bird Store in Totowa referred her to us. When he was brought here, she told us that he was brought up on lamb chops - he sure loved table food and still does (now he gets healthy foods). A package of toys arrived in January from a very well known pet toy store and he acted like a child at Christmas morning even before we opened the box. From the toys he received and the ones he came with, you know this bird was well cared for with mental stimulation. Giorgio's owner spent a very large amount of money on Giorgio, all his life he had the best. Giorgio is a wiz at opening everything, from cage locks to food dishes, knots and bolts. He is our mechanical wizard, anything that locks he opens and anything that's screwed he unscrews. He is not destructive of household items like window treatment wood like some of our other birds.

    Giorgio's diet now consists of Zupreem pellets, lots of fresh fruit and some vegetables. Giorgio is not too crazy about peanuts, nuts and the like, although he will pick at them from time to time. He would rather eat an orange. Another of his favorite foods is cooked food, he likes to eat things that stick to a spoon such as oatmeal bean mix. He will hold the spoon and feed himself until the spoon is clean, likewise if you offer him a small food dish, he will hold it up to eat out of it.

    Giorgio is a very passionate bird, he will bow his head down like a child if you tell him "no" to something, and then look back up to see if it's okay to continue whatever he was doing. Giorgio has a huge King cage but is only in it at bedtime and when we mop floors. He barks like a dog when he wants fresh water and he whines like a child when he needs affection. Quite a character, he loves to snuggle on the bed or couch under covers and adores attention from children.

    When bathing and or getting wet with a spray bottle, Giorgio will dance and bow and jump like a little child, making wonderful sounds. He seems at his happiest and it lasts for hours. His excitement brings the rest of the Cockatoo room to join in, and it's amazing to watch them all in action. Before bedtime, all the Cockatoos like to give their night calling and we allow fifteen minutes or so for what we have named "The Cockatoo Showdown." We hope to make a movie to put on our website soon. Giorgio, since day one, has never shown any aggressive behavior. He will let you know if he is not ready to come down off a play area or his cage, but usually by speaking very sweetly to him, he will come closer and closer for you to pet him, and after a few caresses he steps right up. Giorgio is not too keen on other birds, he usually tends to separate himself from them, however on occasions he shares space on the table with them.

Giorgio, the Pet of the Day

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