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November 18, 2008

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Shookie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Shookie
Age: Sixteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter horse mix
Home: Ridge, New York, USA
   Hey! This is Shookie, a loveable chestnut gelding. Shookie hasn't been ridden in over three years until I started riding him. He has improved so much since I first met him. He is full of so much energy and life, you wouldn't know that he is sixteen! He shares his farm with six cows, two donkeys, two sheep, a few goats and of course Lady. Lady is a little paint pony who Shookie loves to death. That's her in the background in his portrait shot. Those two are inseparable.

    Shookie loves treats and will beg so much until you give him one, even if you don't have any. I'm trying to stop the begging part, but he just loves his treats so much, especially bananas! When we first put a saddle on him, my friend jumped on him, and walked around a few times, then trotted. He was not to bad with that. As soon as she asked for a canter he went crazy and reared up and tried to buck her off, the whole deal. But every week she and I went up during the spring and gradually worked him. Now he is so much better. He'll still throw occasional bucks or kicks, but it has only been about seven months of good steady work. He is such a sweetheart and full of life. There's never a time I go down there that he is not full of energy to go on a trail ride or ready for the saddle. He trusts me enough to jump on him bareback and kneel on him and I even stood on him for a second, until I lost my balance. He's amazing.

    He has taught me so much about being a better rider, and gave me so many unforgettable memories, like my first fall, and how to control a quick horse. I love him so much and I always will. We have bonded a lot during the months and there will be many more to come! Shookie is a great horse inside and out. I love him so much!

Shookie, the Pet of the Day

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