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November 15, 2008

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Ekans, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ekans
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ball python
Home: Warner Robins, Georgia, USA
   Hi, my name is Ekans, I'm a male ball python. My owner Heather bought me over six years ago from a guy at a flea market. I came home with ticks all over me. My owner cleaned me up and got rid of all them bad ticks. I was very scared at my new home. I was put in a large tank with a water bowl. My old home was very small and did not have any water bowls. This was a big change for me. My new owner tried feeding me live food but I was still so scared I did not want to eat. It took me more than a year before I calmed down enough to eat live food from my new owner.

    My owner would give me baths and let me out of the tank at times to crawl around the room. I loved my new owner, she treated me like I was very special to her. She even bought me a flower pot to put into my tank as my hiding spot, I love it. My owner really takes good care of me and I could never have picked a better person.

    My owner even videotaped me and put me into one of her music videos with the other animals that live here, she did this a few years ago.

    Ekans is very sweet, he loves to be out of his tank and to explore. He don't know any tricks that I can think of, he's just a snake and does his snake things. But he never has bitten me, which, coming from that beginning, I would have understood. He's such a good snake, and a sweetheart.

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