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May 26, 2008

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Rootbeer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rootbeer
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Home: Dickinson, Texas, USA
   Hello everyone,

    My name is Root Beer. I am an Abyssinian Guinea Pig but my mom says I am a piggie with a "bad hair life" (really... she loves my crazy hair). I am mostly black but I have a brown stripe around my neck and just to be different I have two white feet. Yeah... I don't know where those came from. Life as I now know it started only three school years ago. My mom found me online at the Bay Area SPCA. I was an adult abandoned guinea pig in search of a new home. She went to see me there and fell in love and took me home that day. Honestly I don't know why... I was not at my best. I had bald spots on my back, a bad case of ear mites, and very long claws that had deformed my feet but I am glad she did. After many trips to the vet I am happy to say I am doing very well. She has taken great care of me and tells me every day that she is lucky to have me. I am loved by her and my human sister Kalena (who helps me get ready to go to school every day), two cat and a dog. The dog thinks she is my mother (shhhh don't tell her I am not). I also have a huge following of former students that were in my mom's class over the last three school years.

    My favorite thing to do is, of course, eat. I love all kinds of foods but my most favorite is sweet basil (fresh grown or course) and tomato and parsley. I also love getting in the floor and popcorning around the room looking for paper to eat that might have been dropped by a student (but mom does not let me do that too often - she says paper is not on my diet). Anyway thanks for your time. Remember to check at your animal shelter or SPCA for your next pet. I am sure glad my mom did!

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