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May 24, 2008

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Lizzy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lizzy
Age: Baby
Gender: Female
Kind: Blue-tongued Lizard
Home: Launceston, Tasmania, USA
   This is a photo of my baby blue-tongued Lizard, Lizzy. She eats baby food and grapes. She loves the warmth. She also like humans and her favorite little bites cardboard box. She is really small and she has just started shedding. She is my first blue-tongued lizard. When we first got her this spring she was quite isolated and every time we tried to pick her up she would hiss, but after we played with her for a bit she became really friendly and now when she wants out she tries to climb up her big tank. It is so cute. She loves to climb people and is always trying to crawl under the couch where she is not allowed. Because she is not an everyday pet I have to take her into these special reptile meetings once every two months just to make sure she is okay. I always want to be a good owner for her.

    The color of her tongue is a dark velvety blue, though it doesn't show well in her picture. She is a baby, she is about 60 or 70 days old. She is an excellent climber. She has a special reptile heating mat because she is cold-blooded. She loves to hide and be in the dark. I don't know her gender really, yet - so if she turns out to be a he, Lizzy will need a new name. She doesn't drink or eat much, which makes her a considerably easy pet to look after. At the moment she has tiny claws that tickle when she is on your skin. She also likes to hide in some shredded paper so now if you want to see her you have to play a little game called find the lizard! She also sometimes thinks she can walk on air which means she climbs off some very tall objects. She doesn't like it when you touch her tail, so if you do she runs away really fast. Over all she is a great pet!

Lizzy, the Pet of the Day

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