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May 23, 2008

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Picasso, the Pet of the Day
Name: Picasso
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lutino Budgie
Home: England, UK
   At home I have a budgie called Snowy. Since she was a female my dad decided to get her a male budgie friend. So he bought a lutino budgie from a breeder who said he was 100% sure it was a male. Since I know a way to tell the difference between male budgies from females, the way is to wait until the budgie is four months old and just above the beak is the budgie's cere, if it is brown or pink it't a female if its blue it's a male. The only other way to tell is DNA testing, which is expensive.

    When Picasso was four months old "his" cere turned pink, my dad was shocked to see a person who said the budgie was 100% male turned out to be a female, but Snowy and Picasso live in a cage together. But poor Picasso always would get upset because Snowy, he mean thing kept fighting Picasso away. Whenever Picasso is hungry she would make her way to the food bowl, and all of a sudden came Snowy and fought her away. Poor Picasso was getting no food, so I would take her upstairs and give her some food there. No wonder they had been squabbling, as they are both females!

    But that was when Picasso was quite young now she knows that this is her house too. So it's Picasso's turn to give revenge to Snowy, so when Picasso is hungry she makes her way to the food bowl and if all of a sudden, Snowy comes she tries to fight Picasso, but no, Picasso fights Snowy away so she can eat when she wants. At last Picasso can enjoy her food in peace.

    But now, when they are both very hungry, they realize they can both share the food without fighting. Picasso is so cute, I'm glad she and Snowy have worked things out, and even though they are both females, they are learning to live peacefully together. I am glad Picasso has learned to stand up for herself, I am very proud of her, she is a brave bird.

    The one of the cutest things Picasso does is, (well Snowy thought of it first, they do this together) that I put a fresh, clean loo roll on the floor and Snowy pulls it and makes a big mess but she is so sweet and then Picasso joins in by chewing the tissue and making holes in it and they both rip it. They seem to have such a good time that I really don't mind the mess - but it makes a big mess for two small birds! I think that Snowy and Picasso soon might be the best of friends. They are both very special budgies.

    I love Picasso very much and I would never give her - or Snowy - away for anything!

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