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May 7, 2008

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Ziggy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ziggy
Age: 38+ years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Morgan, Quarter Horse
Home: Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA
   This is Ziggy, my best friend in the horse world. She has been with me for about 20+ years now, and she's a Morgan/Quarter Horse cross. Her full name is Ziggy Stardust. We have done a lot riding together and I couldn't ask for a better partner.

    Ziggy is now retired to the pasture these days. She is a joy to have around the barn. She is the Queen of the barn and every one knows it, including my kitties and my seven-year-old gelding paint. She knows the sound of my truck and when I pull into the drive way she whinnies like to say "Hi Mom!" She is part of the family and will always be.

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