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May 2, 2008

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Skittles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Skittles
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Standard Rex Rabbit
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   I rescued Skittles one fateful June afternoon nearly three years ago. I had been debating getting a new pet, and it seemed like a rabbit was the way to go! When I walked into the Rescue League, it was love at first sight. According to the people working at the animal shelter, she'd only been dropped off a short while before we'd arrived there. Her old owners were moving and had to leave her at the shelter because they unfortunately could not take her with them. Previously, she had been named Dalmation, because of her unusual coloring, but we renamed her Skittles.

    Skittles is a very active, very happy rabbit. She loves to be around people, and is a ham for the camera, as you can see. In the morning before I leave for school, she'll run around her cage, hopping up on her plastic igloo and trying to get us to pet her. Of course, we do, since she's too cute to resist. She's always been good, never biting or attacking anyone. When you put her out in the yard, she never tries to run away or eat anything that she shouldn't be. And as you can see, she is good in all seasons!

    Skittles is actually very intelligent, and understands when you talk to her. If you tell her "Up!" she'll stand on her hind legs. If you tell her "Play!" she'll run all around her cage. Skittles likes to eat - a lot - as you can tell from the pictures. Her favorite foods are carrots, lettuce, and rabbit treats. She can't eat cabbage, because it makes her sick.

    Skittles is one of the best pets I've ever owned, and she'll always be my Pet of the Day.

Skittles, the Pet of the Day

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