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March 31, 2008

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Fergus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fergus
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Columbus, Ohio, USA
   This is Fergus. He is now two years old (he was about six weeks in this photo). He has been working hard for those two years to train me (his mom) properly. So far I have learned to give him his special breakfast every day: green leaf lettuce, celery, and carrots. Then when I come home from work it's time for a grape. He will stand up and yell if I don't give him his grape as soon as I get in the door. In the evening, while I watch television, he can tell when I hit the mute button for the commercials. He will run out of his box and it's time to pay attention to Fergus again!

    He gets lots of dandelion greens when they are growing. He can eat about 30 in one sitting! Fergus is my best buddy and when he went to our family reunion he made lots more friends.

    As my training has continued, I have also learned the "flying potato", where I must catch him as he leaps to my shoulder. Another trick I have learned is to feed him blueberries from my lips. Now he thinks that's where they come from! It took me a while to be taught that any kind of music is "bad" and should not be played around him, although video games with explosions are just fine. He eats breakfast before I do, and for his afternoon snack, he gets a grape or an apple slice.

    Fergus is the most spoiled piggie out of the thirteen that currently rule this house, and he seems to be able to tell when I am getting ready to leave. When he sees me putting on my socks and shoes, he will come out of his box, start talking, and hitting the glass of his aquarium with his hand. This means that I need to give him a few more behind-the-ear rubs before I take off. He is one of my best little buddies, and recently he has been trying to train Grandma. She doesn't seem to catch on quite as quickly, though.

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