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March 29, 2008

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Hester, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hester
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Black hooded rat
Home: Paris, Texas, USA
   Hester is a black hooded rat with an arrow on her back. Her fur is black on her head and then comes down her back shaped like an arrow. The rest of her is white. She has very soft fur and she cleans it every day. Her tail is small and smooth (unlike my other rat Oreo, which has a really big tail - that's Oreo's nose peeking in). Hester's home is Paris, Texas. And her friends are my friend's rats, Cookie, Boo, and Maddy. She is a big fluffy ball of trouble! :)

    Hester can be very calm sometimes and very wild other times. I like her both ways. Whenever she's calm, she will sleep in your lap and kiss you all the time. And her nails aren't usually out when She's calm. While She's laying in your lap you can pet her and that's when she will fall asleep. If you don't pet her she just gets back up and walks around wherever she can go. Sometimes if you give her one of her favorite foods, she will start getting hyper. Whenever Hester is wild it's really funny. She goes crazy! She will run all over the room jumping. If you get up and start walking in circles around the room she will follow you.

    The room she mostly gets to run around in is my room. I have a bunk bed in my room and she loves it! She will climb up the ladder and jumps off the side of it to the bottom bed. If she loses her balance I hurry over to her and catch her before she falls. Another thing she does when she's hyper is when she's eating. If you give her a piece of pizza or toast she won't let go of it no matter what happens. You can see her nibbling a pizza crust in this picture. If you even put your hand by her she will turn away from your hand. If you do it a second time then she will squeak and run away with the crust.

    My rat Hester is very athletic. She is the fastest of our rats and enjoys climbing and jumping. She has found a way to climb to the top of my closet! The very first day I saw her do it was when I was cleaning my room. I heard some light pounding on the wall in the closet. I didn't shut the closet door all the way so she must have opened the door and go in. I saw her at the very top and got her down safely. I put her on the ground so I could watch how she does it. She climbs up our clothes and on top of our books and then up the shelves. And She's there! She also knows how to get down off the couch in our living room. Whenever She's happy she grinds her teeth and jumps across the floor. Hester is still young and has a long life ahead of her full of fun adventures. She's a great rat that cheers everyone up when they see her. She is one of our best rats we've had so far.

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