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March 22, 2008

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Lily, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lily
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sugar Glider
Home: League City, Texas, USA
   Lily is very gentle and sweet. Our sugar gliders are a nocturnal marsupial that is native to Australia and Indonesia. They are sweet animals that are soooo very soft and love to be petted and loved on. They have taught our daughters responsibility as well as showed them how fun a pet can bring to the family. We are a family of 10, okay: Mom, Dad, four daughters ages 18, 17, 11, and 6 yeasr old, as well as two dogs Sadie, and Tiki and the Sugar Gliders Tiger and Lily. Lily is about two years old and is a sugar glider that we adopted from a family that did not have enough time to care for her anymore. The previous owners put us thru an interview process and decided out of several (about 50) emails. We received her right before Christmas, and it was a very exciting night. We (our family) had a lot to learn! Sugar gliders take a lot of responsibility and time to take care of but they are a lot of fun as well.

    Lily loves to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as well as organic baby food, yogurt chips and meal worms. We have our very own mealworm farm that has 4 levels: The beetle area where they lay eggs and produce little tiny worms about the size of a hair, they get moved to the worm growing station where once a bit bigger go to the big worm home, we also let a few of the big "fatty" worms grow into pupas when we need to add to our beetle population. We feed the worm farms weekly with banana peels and apple slices. We also have to clean out the worms shedding of their outer shells. We add uncooked rice and corn meal, and cardboard egg cartons for the worms to eat and lay eggs on and in. It's a lot of work, but it teaches us responsibility!

    Sugar gliders love to be petted and their fur is sooooooo soft! They do have a smell and we have a waterless shampoo that we use on them sometimes. It smells like flowers. Lily loves to be rubbed down when we wash her and she will push her body under our fingers like cats do when they are petted. Lily also likes to be hand fed, we feed her meal worms and yogurt chips that we cut into tiny pieces, these are both her favorites! Sugar gliders remind us of tiny monkeys so we call them our baby monkeys. They have tiny little hands that they grab food from us and Lily is so gentle. She will gently grab the food and eat it.

    Lily is the mellow and fun loving sugar glider, she does know her name and will peek her tiny nose out to see who is calling her name. She is still timid with our family, and we have just started taking her out of her cage, but you have to be super careful as she will jump out of your hand and glide to escape. They both love to burrow into couches and can squeeze into tiny areas and we love her so much we do not want to lose her. Sometimes we put up our tent and let her explore us and play in a safe area where we can gain her trust. Lily's cage, which is quite large, gets cleaned really good once a month and we rearrange her toys and change out her toys so it's like a new adventure for her. She will get so excited and it seems like she runs and has to check out her domain inch by inch!

    My family had first seen a sugar glider at a Houston Flea Market and we all fell in love right away. Our mom kept looking into buying a pair as they get lonely at night when they play, as they are nocturnal which means they pretty much play and eat at night, so we feed them around 7pm and then get to play with them for a couple of hours before we go to bed at night.

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