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March 17, 2008

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Finnegan, the Pet of the Day
Name: Finnegan
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini-lop Rabbit
Home: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
   Here's Finnegan! He's a three-year-old mini-lop who came to live with me nearly a year ago. I found him at the Humane Society, where I had gone to look at another bunny, but once I saw him, we knew we were meant for each other!

    He came with a different name, but being part Irish, I wanted an Irish name for him. After about a week, we settled on Finnegan. It seemed like a good idea to have a new name to start his new life. Finn was used to always living in a cage, and I made him a new spacious one in the room behind the kitchen. After the first week or so, though, I started leaving his door open so he could go in and out whenever he wanted. He doesn't wander far, though - I think because his world is so much bigger already! I also trained him to use a litter box - I was very proud of him for that! Finn likes to play in cardboard boxes, slide things around the cage, and roll his dish around so all the food falls out. When he plays in the living room, he likes to run back and forth across the back of the sofa. (It's pushed against a wall so he won't fall.)

    Finnegan had some bunny predecessors, the last of which lived to be twelve years old, and I had pretty much decided not to get another rabbit after that. I took a gamble with Finn, because you never know if they're going to be anti-social, destructive, sickly, or whatever. Finnegan is none of these - in fact, he is the most cuddly, appreciative (if you can say that about a bunny!) and undemanding little friend I ever had. Oh - and he's also a good sport about having a silly hat stuck on his head!

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