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March 14, 2008

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Jerry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jerry
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gray Cockatiel
Home: Warner Robins, Georgia, USA
   Hi, My name is Jerry, I'm a male gray cockatiel. My owner Heather bought me from a pet shop a year ago. I came with a cage and my cage mate, a cute female cockatiel. I loved my cage mate and she loved me also. While I had a cagemate I never liked my owner very much, even though she loved us. Then one day my cagemate had a accident and passed away. I missed her very very much. I was so lonely for a week I did not even let my owner touch me. Every day my owner would talk softly to me, telling me it's ok and she would not hurt me. After the week went by I finally got the courage to walk to the front of the cage to be closer to her. I started liking my owner more and more. Then I finally came out of the cage to be with her. She was very sweet to me and loved on me a lot. I started singing to her every morning and eating from her hand.

    After a few long months with my owner she let me stay out of the cage fulltime in her room. She always leaves my cage open and let me fly around her room where-ever I please. I love flying on top of the snake tanks and onto the bed posts. She gives me hugs and kisses, I hope I live my whole life with her.

    My owner made a video of me:

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